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Platform for International Multicultural Arts Activities

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    Overall Objectives


    To develop an international multcultural  activities centre in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


    Specific Objectives


    To nurture it into a forum tor the intermingling of different forms of art such

    as - painting,  sculpture,. pottery. app!iod art, ceramics, tribal arts. handicrafts etc.


    To provide a cultural  junction which will attract eminent artists, poets, writers.

    craftsmen,  lovers of the Muses and distinguished performers.


    To build it into an educational centre of an inspirational dimension,

    a numinous fountainhead of enlightenment, peace and mental equilibrium.




    The platform will provide an ambient centre for cultural intermingling.


    The cultural  ambience of the activities will spill over the sattelite industrial

    towns in the environs of Pune.


    Overall, it make life more peaceful, and satisfying.


    It will fulfill  cultural thirst of the common citizens.




    To provide space for an artgallery, to bo used as a venue for exhibitions

    of artistic creation


    To provide Venue for  lecture series, workshops, demostrations in  artrelated

    subjects, audio-visuals, art film projection, not excluding  the creations

    of electronic media


    To promote exchange with different art galleries within and outside the country.


    To promote a permanent exhibition of the pictorial interpretations of  heritage

    poetry as that Tukaram, Dyaneshwar and others.


    To project through different art forms the cultural heritage of the Region 


    To sculpt a potent educational tool by transforming the essence of the subject

    concerned into a visual art form.

Contact Nos.:
               +91 20 27298182 (10:30am and 7:00pm IST)
Shishir Hande +91 9822251340

       for any kind of information except for all Art Tree correspondence.